Levels of Scrutiny (U.S. Supreme Court) 

Supreme Court Cases  Review

Short Video "History of the US Supreme Court"

Legal System Basics  (Crash Course)

Judicial Review   (Crash Course)

How the Court System works  (Crash Course)

Procedures of the US Supreme Court  (Crash Course)

Judicial Decisions (Crash Course)

Marshall Court

Supreme Court Language

Short Lists of terms and cases   (also has flash cards and a short practice test)

Baker v. Carr  (Important Case  "One Man One Vote")

14th Amendment broken down

Prior Restraint  (Near v. Minnesota)

Establishment Clause (Lemon v. Kurtzman & Zelman v. Simmons- Harris)

Free-Exercise Clause (Engel v. Vitale & SD Abington v. Schempp)

The Wall "Church/State" 

Freedom Press  (Zurcher v. Stanford Daily)

Free Speech and Public order   (Schenck v. United States)

Exclusionary Rule  (Mapp v. Ohio)

Symbolic Speech  (Texas v. Johnson)

Tinker v. DeMonies  (Student Rights)

Voting Rights Act of 1965

Right to an Attorney (Gideon v. Wainwright)

Right to Remain Silent  (Miranda v. Arizona)

Abortion (Roe v. Wade)

Sex Discrimination (Crash Course)

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights &  the Courts

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